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Thanksgiving Prayer 2006  
05:44pm 23/11/2006
Anibal Arturo Casco Avila
So, it was on this holiday 20 years ago that Wild Bill Burroughs wrote and read the Thanksgiving Prayer. A month ago I went to a poetry reading and I did my take on this great poem to celebrate it. Now a month later on the actual day of Thanksgiving I post this. I quote directly, paraphrase, and rewrite the poem to suit our modern world. Big up to KT who does this yearly tradition, too, with Mr. Burroughs' original.

For Wild Bill-- In hopes he is still shooting things and fucking nubile young men in heaven. One month to Thanksgiving Day; October 28th, 2006. Thanks for the mutated chickens flapping uselessly in cramped cages destined to be turned into McShit Nuggets, thanks for new old worlds to pillage and rape and spoil, thanks for keeping the injuns that gave us a modicum of challenge and danger in dirt poor reservations from Alaska to Argentina, thanks for virgin rain forests to deflower with chainsaws and hymens to sell as your nice new Brazilian hardwood floor, thanks for protecting companies spilling poison and toxins into the seas, thank for the American dream to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine through, thanks for the KKK still, the Minutemen, and the Aryan Brotherhood to protect good civil Americans from those mooks, niggers, spics, and dotheads, for decent church-going women with their mean, pinched, and bitter evil faces, thanks for the God Hates Fags posters, the gift of laboratory AIDS is the gift that keeps on givin', thanks for a continued War on Drugs to incarcerate the nation, thanks for a nation where no ones library records or internet records are private, thank you, Patriot Act, thanks for a nation of neurotic paranoid airports and ignorant media sensationalists, thanks for the memories alright now you have the right to remain silent, what is this powder in your pocket, you always were a diseased drug maniac and you always were a drone to pass on the belt, thanks for a nation of HDTV brains thinking not with neurons but with a periphery of couches telling the story, thanks for pedophile congressmen and lying war mongers pressing on into a burning building in a gas-soaked jacket, thanks for conservative idols pill-popping whilst labeling drugs the rot at the heart of this problem, thanks for total hypocrisy and the facade of democracy, thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams.
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