DARK ENTRIES-The Journal of Ani

Teh UberMexiGh0th!!!

Anibal Arturo Casco Avila
19 December 1986
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My name is Anibal. Who am I? Well, that is indeed a true and good question. The query refers all the way back to the distant Carboniferous period of history. I was created inside of a giant geode deep within the earth and now I am an 18 year old dorky Mexigh0th kid who's main hobbies include writing (short stories, poems, and working on a book), reading, listening to music (especially Elliott Smith, lately), taking walks, chronic depression and manPMS, and the odd murder hither or thither.
In the year of your lord (your's truly) nineteen hundred and eighty six, the new messiah was born in a small sanatorium in Mexico, specifically in the city of Guadalajara. The world shone anew with hope and relief as this beautiful baby was born and a new prospect of happiness arrived. Then I was born and choked the cunt to death with my hard core umbilical chord and proceeded to break dance my way into innocence. ANd to this day, to quote Snoop D-O, double gizzle, "I'M INNOCENT...", er, as far as living witnesses are concerned, there are none, therefore I am innocent.
I have lived the majority of my life in the gangstaghett0 h00d of Beloit, Wisconsin. During winter break, though, I make a pilgrimage to the motherland and visit the holy shrine of Tacos de Birria Dona Cuca e Hijos in my little hometown of Guadalajara.
By occupation, I am serially unemployed, but by profession, I am a writer. Currently caught and stuck in the spokes of the gargantuan school wheel, one day (in a about 5 months) I will liberate myself and blossom to the full ugly little moth this nasty little caterpillar will turn into. Writing is my life, and reading is the blood of my being. Music is the soul of my existence and art in all its forms is my existence.
I love art. Art in every facet of the creature in its manifold glory. The plastic arts, film, music, spoken word, DaDa, interpretive street acting, spontaneous inspiration, poetry, literature, sidewalk performances, etc. It is all beautiful if done right and in the true spirit of art. I do loathe Andy Warhol, though. Just so y'all niggaz kn0w.
That's about it for me.

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